2019 Ioniq Hybrid Front Bumper damage


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2019 Hyundai Ioniq
Hello Forum friends
I was wondering if I can ask your opinion
We recently bought 2019 Ioniq at the auction after front collision.
They stated that the car Run & Drive when in fact on receiving the car it doesn’t start.
We went to the dealer to have it Diagnostic and they told us before they can tell what is wrong with the car 3 parts has to be replaced
1. Font Harness
2. Engine Harness
3.smart cruise control unit
They say:
“The vehicle is able to stay in ready mode, the vehicle shuts down the electrical system after a few seconds. It will not go into a start or ev mode. “
In order from them to plug OBD these parts above have to be replaced”
is that make sense to you ?
We aware that more parts are missing attached pictures
any suggestions are any os these parts in some cases repairable?
Also would love to get some good recommendations for an honest and inexpensive mechanic
in San Diego
Thank you very much